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We chronicle below some of our most recent Corporate Social Responsibility activities:

A student participates in the FMB Go Green Campaign at Cobbe Barracks in Zomba

A student participates in the FMB Go Green Campaign at Cobbe Barracks in Zomba

FMB’s ‘Go Green’ Campaign introduced three years ago, is a tree planting initiative undertaken in affiliation with WESM (Wildlife Environmental Society of Malawi), whereby a nation-wide campaign is carried out involving several schools, FMB branches and agencies. In 2014, six schools were involved and 6,000 trees were planted nationwide.

Senior FMB Staff take the lead in blood donations during the 2014 Christmas Blood Drive

FMB has for the past three years been partnering with Malawi Blood Transfusion (MBTS), in an effort to support blood donation initiatives across the country. MBTS has an annual target of 80,000 pints of blood a year and FMB has been assisting MBTS in meeting this target by sponsoring/hosting blood donation camps across the country and encouraging its staff, as well as students from schools, employees of corporate organisations, and the general public, to donate blood.

CT Scan donation

In conjunction with our principal shareholders, the Anadkat and Kantaria families, FMB donated a MK70 million state of the art CT scan machine to the Blantyre Adventist Hospital to assist patients in Blantyre and the surrounding areas. The hospital is required to give access to the equipment to less privileged patients at no cost.

For the last three years, FMB has provided financial assistance to Operation Smile Mission, an NGO of volunteer surgeons from different countries who assist needy patients born with cleft lip and palate deformities. Most patients are stigmatised and live in isolation because of these conditions. FMB’s donation was used to help the mission provide meals to patients, and 20 members of FMB staff joined the Operation Smile team in distribution of meals and cleaning their shelters.

The Officer in Charge, Blantyre of the Fiscal Unit of the Malawi Police Service, receives one of the photocopier-printers from Sylvia Mataka, Head of Marketing & CSR, FMB

FMB donated photocopier-printers to the Blantyre and Lilongwe Fiscal Police units to assist them in the day to day running of their operations. The Fiscal Police appreciated this donation, emphasising in their remarks that the assistance was very timely.

Chichiri Secondary School students were all smiles when they received their scholarships in 2014

FMB has been actively involved in providing scholarships to needy children from less-privileged families, in its endeavour to promote education and to support the poorer segments of Malawian society. Scholarships are awarded to deserving students to cover tuition payments, and FMB has over the years, made annual commitments to over 68 students, including:

  • 25 students at Joshua Secondary School, Blantyre;
  • 35 students at Chichiri Secondary School, Blantyre;
  • four students at College of Medicine, Blantyre;
  • four students at Mzuzu University;
  • two students at the Polytechnic, Blantyre;
  • two students at Chancellor College, Zomba.

The Bank also supports other deserving students.

A bright pupil at Namalimwe Primary School in Ndirande is duly rewarded

FMB encourages pupils in primary schools to excel in their education, through a programme where school bags are donated to reward pupils who have done well in their studies. In 2014, FMB donated to pupils in six different schools across Malawi.

FMB staff hand over bicycles to Mangochi District Hospital Officials

A fundraising bicycle race that takes place in Chilomoni, Blantyre, to raise funds for the construction of an Early Childhood Learning Centre, to provide education to pre-school children who are orphans, or children from underprivileged homes, participating teams are encouraged to donate the bicycles they race to a worthy cause. FMB’s contribution from the 2013 and 2014 races was to Mangochi District Hospital to be used by Health Surveillance Assistants who are trained in community-based maternal and newborn care, where they counsel mothers-to-be and their families to seek prenatal services throughout pregnancy.

Our Fish Eagles Football team of Mzuzu savouring their 2014 FMB Under-20 Championship win

In 2009, FMB introduced the FMB Under-20 Youth Football League by providing financial assistance to the National Football League Committee (an affiliate of the Football Association of Malawi), to help with the country’s football development programme at grassroots level. The league started with a sponsorship of MK4 Million, which has now risen to MK20 Million. Participating teams are drawn from all three regions of the country.

Guests and judges at the Malawi Writers Union (MAWU) Awards ceremony

FMB sponsored the MAWU awards ceremony in an annual short story competition, in which monetary prizes are presented to encourage creative writing among budding writers. Since 2008, writers submit their short stories to the Malawi Writers Union (MAWU) Secretariat, and a panel of judges picks the winning stories. In 2014, 13 writers were rewarded at the event which took place at the new FMB Training Centre. Awards were presented by the Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture, the Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa. In 2015, the awards will include a women’s category to encourage female writers.

An initiative that happens every year in October to commemorate Mother’s Day, FMB has been supporting this event for the past three years. NPL organises a fundraising fun run, in which other corporate institutions are encouraged to participate and make donations in the form of medical equipment. The medical equipment is donated to the maternity ward at a hospital of NPL’s choice and donations rotate among the three regions of the country each year. In 2014, donations were directed to Mangochi District Hospital. In 2015 the event will take place in Mchinji.

Genetrix Women’s Hockey Team show off their trophy after winning the 2014 Women’s Hockey League’s tournament

FMB has been sponsoring the six and eleven-aside hockey league’s development programme since 2013. The winning men’s and women’s teams in the 2013/14 FMB Hockey Leagues (Genetrix Hockey Clubs), travelled to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe to participate in an FMB sponsored club championships title. Besides football and hockey, FMB also sponsors basketball, golf, rugby and cricket.

St Mary’s Secondary School students express their gratitude in song

In recognition of the exceptional 2014 Malawi School Certificate Examinations (MSCEs) results by the majority of the girls at the school, including being awarded a number of scholarships to study abroad, FMB made a donation towards a project to expand their library. Currently, the school has 500 students and the library can only accommodate a maximum of 120 students at a time. As a result of the expansion, the library will be able to accommodate over 200 students at once, and a computer, that will allow the girls to have easy access to information. FMB will continue to support the girl child, our future leaders, who are also key to the development of Malawi’s economy.

Samaritan Trust making a donation

Samaritan Trust is a charity organisation which has been reaching out to an average of 200 street children each year. Aged between eight and 18 years, these children generally live on the streets. In 2014, encouraged by their objective to create a chance and choice for the street child, FMB decided to contribute towards the charity which delivers sustainable institutionalised support for street children, to enable them to access education and vocational skills needed for reintegration back into the Malawian society.

Each year at Christmas for the past four years, FMB distributes gift hampers to sick children and new mothers at various hospitals throughout Malawi. Our donations cheer up children and mothers who would have been home with their families and relatives during the festive season. In 2014, we distributed hampers to six different hospitals in the country.

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